Sunday, September 24, 2017


Charlie and Jacob did their first kids triathlon. We made a training schedule months before and they recorded their times to track their improvement. We also did several practise runs so they'd be familiar with the routes. It was rewarding for them to see how their training benefitted them. Jacob even got first place in his run!


We had a fun fieldtrip to Apple Jack Farm, the most beautiful farm. We wanted to learn more about dexter cows, in hopes of having our own milk cow. 

 Jane started her own business this summer. She started face painting for birthdays and events and made more money than she ever imagined! It was neat to see her learn how to keep track of income and expenses, order supplies, advertise, deal with all kinds of people and keep her skills up to date. She has learned a lot!
One day Hazel surprised us by folding an entire load of laundry. 
We didn't know she could fold so well. 
Little pattern makers. 
 We had a spectacular time learning about incubating eggs and watching ducks hatch. 
What a miracle!
This is our exciting fieldtrip to Tumblewood Lapidary Club to finish up our geology unit. We learned about rocks, fossils, and gems.

Jacob is always inventing some kind of game. 

 Timmy planned a nice date for us- we got ice cream and read our book, 
"Keeper of the Bees" together. 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Life is Good

 Charlie was really eager for this day. It was really nice to be there together.

Ezra got a trophy for finishing 40 piano pieces this year!
 Jane took her Royal Conservatory Cello Theory exam this spring.
We learn so much from these friends and always enjoy our visits so much.
I read our "Year in Review" for our graduation celebration. Everyone looks though their binders from the year and we astonish ourselves with how much we work we did. This year we had a silly string war, went to the Devonian Gardens for a fieldtrip, then ate tacos from the taco truck.

Grammy invited us over to watch her pool be dropped in to the ground with a crane. It was quite a process. The best part was watching Eli and Dad in action. They both amazes me.

 Found these eggs in our neighborhood. 
Sunday buddies. 

Fresh cut flowers make Sundays even better. 

Ezra was the most excited gardener this year. I loved finding him in there snacking.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer time fun

 She's very studious when she's sleeping.
 Living on the acreage is worth it if only for the gopher hunting.
 Hazel and her cute pals- Wynne and Noraya
 My first time seeing Charlotte smile. She was loving her Baba!
 Lots of cuties on one tractor.
 Ezra and Will 
Lots of time with kitties. 

 Sunday blossoms.
We've spent this summer incubating eggs. It's been quite miraculous to see the ducklings hatch. 
 We had a nice park day with our cousin Isaac!  
We were so happy to go to cousin Henry's birthday. He was such a darling birthday boy! We always enjoy the time with Jenny's side of the family. 
Jane was extra adorable on this group cello day so I caught a picture.