Sunday, October 8, 2017

Garden Times

 This is our AWESOME home teacher, brother K. 
He and Ezra are good buddies.

 I've always wanted to grow my own calendula. It is such a delight to grow and dry. I've made infused oil with it already and hopefully some new salves soon.

 This patch of Lavatera flowers from a friend filled my soul with joy.

 Fancy salad makers!

 We were so lucky to have our bishop from church keep his bees on our land. It was quite thrilling for the kids to watch him work with the bees.

Charlie makes us beet pop.

Froggies in the garden. 

Juniper the grey kitty.


Oh the excitement for a pool day at Grammy's! It was sure fun swimming the afternoon away and who knew Grammy had such an impeccable dive!


 We had a fun birthday play day with cousins. As you can see there was some deep play going on.
 This book from Aunty Jenny soon  became Hazel's favorite- 
nudist drawings of wild forest children followed soon thereafter...
 Henry and Hazel are only a month apart. 
 We've all enjoyed getting to know Max better this summer. He's such a cool little dude.
 Do all 4 year olds get this excited about a fieldguide to seashells?
 Scarlet picked out these cute beads for Hazel's birthday bead kit.
 Happy 4th Birthday Hazel!

 Jane brings her book journal to the library and then proceeds to chitchat with the librarians about anything books.  
We had a fun beach day with our pals. We made a sweat hut on the sand and played the day away.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Charlie and Jacob did their first kids triathlon. We made a training schedule months before and they recorded their times to track their improvement. We also did several practise runs so they'd be familiar with the routes. It was rewarding for them to see how their training benefitted them. Jacob even got first place in his run!